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Casper Birthday Cake Pictures and Ideas

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casper birthday cake
Casper Cake 01

Casper Birthday Cake 01

Linae Tabor
(Bremerton, WA)

casper birthday cake

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I made this cake for work. Not complicated but they liked it.

I made a regular cake in my 11 X 14 inch cake pan, removed it from the pan after it cooled, and then put it on a cake board.

This was only the second time I had used fondant that I had made. The fondant I used was Marshmallow Fondant (MMF) that I made by melting marshmallows in the microwave. I then added my blue color and then mixed the powdered sugar in until I was able to knead it. I rolled the fondant out to the correct size and then covered my cake with it.

I found a picture of Casper online, printed it out, cut it out and used it as a template to use with my White Marshmallow Fondant. I cut my Casper out of the fondant, colored the edges and added the accents (eyes, mouth, eyebrows, etc) with a black edible marker and and then put it on my cake.

I also used the edible marker for the writing on the cake. Be careful that you don't press to hard using the markers as I did with the letter 'a' in the word 'says'.

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